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Travelling With Young Kids

August 19, 2015
Father and son walking on holiday

Travelling when you have kids changes everything! Gone is the time when you can spend long days shopping, sightseeing, wandering the streets. Suddenly you have naps to fit in, feeding times to work around, and tired kids to contend with! And don’t even get me started on the amount of “stuff” you have to take! Travelling light is now non-existent.

As I write this I’m on holiday, sitting in a motel room feeding master 4 months, trying to get him down for a morning nap, so hopefully he’ll be OK out and about this afternoon. We realised pretty quickly that if he didn’t get a decent morning nap in his cot it would make the rest of the day too difficult. But what this means is resigning ourselves to the fact that we have to spend the morning at home, and only sightsee or do activities once or twice a day. It feels like you are wasting your holiday, sitting in a motel, not enjoying or getting to see this new place. But these are new times, holidays spent as a couple a distant memory. Family holidays are different, so the sooner you can adjust to the different pace and way of doing things the better, and the sooner you can start enjoying yourself.

While it might seem all negative, there are definitely some great things about family holidays:

  • You don’t spend as much money eating out. When my husband and I used to go away we’d eat out for most meals, and this definitely adds up!
  • You get to watch your kids get excited about new things and experiences. It was a lovely moment watching my 3 year old on the airplane, he was so excited about it! And don’t even get me started on the gondola and luge, massive hit!
  • You get time with your husband/wife/partner. This is especially true I think if you are the one at home with the kids more. Having your other half at home with you and the family is the best. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, just having them there makes it awesome.
  • Spending time together as a family!

Watch out for a future post on tips and tricks when travelling with kids.

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