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Our Baby, Our Choice

August 31, 2015
Pregnant belly and heart

One thing I am passionate about as a mum is choice. There is so much information out there about parenting and babies, so many ways to handle situations, and different parenting styles. Every family is different, and every baby is different. What works for one baby won’t work for another, and what works for one family won’t sit well with another. Often there is no right or wrong or answer (unless safety or the law are involved of course), there is just a personal choice that we have to make.

Some of the most controversial choices we have to make as parents are how to feed our baby, and how to get our baby to sleep.

As we all know, and has been drilled into us, breastfeeding is the best option from a health perspective for our baby. However, some mothers cannot breastfeed for whatever reason (don’t produce enough milk, baby won’t latch, etc.). Also, for some women it is the best option for them not to breastfeed, maybe due to practicalities with returning to work, mental health issues, or other health or physical problems. Or maybe they just don’t want to! Whatever the reason, it should not be our place to judge. We don’t know the background to their decision, and ultimately it is THEIR CHOICE! We may not agree with their choice, but it’s their baby and their life. And I’m sure there will be things that we do that others don’t agree with, so we ask for the same courtesy, our baby, our choice, please don’t judge.

The same goes with how we choose to get our babies to sleep. Whether you choose to co-sleep, put your baby in a cot, or wear them in a sling, as long as the baby is safe it should be your choice to do whatever works for your family, and your sanity!

There are parenting choices that I personally don’t agreee with, but if you choose to implement them in your family I won’t judge. I will respect your choice, as long as in turn you respect mine. Sometimes we will make the wrong decision in a time of stress, just to cope and get through, but we learn from it, and make a different choice the next time.

We get enough judgement from everyone else, it would be nice if us mothers could stick together! My baby, my choice, your baby, your choice.

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