About Me

Gemma - mum, creator and author of Mamathology.

I am a mother of two gorgeous boys, living in Christchurch, New Zealand. I’m not a writer, or involved with early childhood education, but I am passionate about the real side of being a parent.

Both of my boys have been challenging babies, making me stress, question myself as a mother, and really wonder what is “normal” for a baby. After having issues breastfeeding both of my sons, coupled with the contradictory stigma and standards around breastfeeding in our country, I decided I needed to start writing about it.

I believe it is important to be honest about what to expect when you become a mother. So many issues are sugarcoated, or only the best case scenarios are talked about. But in my experience, the best case scenario is usually the exception, not the norm. This then has the flow on effect of making us feel like we, or our babies, are not normal. And at a time of great emotional and physical change and turmoil, this is the last thing we need!

I wanted to let other mothers and parents know that what they are experiencing is not abnormal, and give people a place where they can read about the more difficult and less talked about issues surrounding becoming a mother/parent, and the huge responsibility it brings. I want you to know that you are not alone, and that a lot of what books and childcare professionals try to teach you is not realistic. I was often left with a feeling of “but my baby will never do that!” after reading baby books, or after my countless hours of Googling, and what followed was hopelessness and a general feeling of not having any idea what to do next or how to proceed.

If I can help even one person feel more comfortable and at ease with parenting their child, then I’m happy.